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Denise is a local yoga teacher / educator and facilitator.

Creator / Host / Co-producer of TV’s “Your Yoga Practice

I currently teach yoga in Oakville at oakvilles premier yoga studio and wellness center =>  www.TheClarityCenter.ca  serving students from Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga.
Once Denise discovered yoga she was hooked on the lifestyle, and the journey of love, learning and sharing began.

I have completed over 500 hours of teacher training and am a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I have studied Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha yoga  and teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga. I am also certified in Core Vinyasa Flow.  I love the creativity and grace of connecting movement with breath combined with strength and alignment for a healthier body. Yoga is a lifestyle of awareness. Awareness of how we think, act, eat, and exist with the universe.

Denise is the teaching host, creator and co-producer of TV’s “Your Yoga Practice” a weekly 30 minute yoga program produced for Cogeco cable TV.

Denise teaches class with her joy bringing out the joy of her students.  Dynamic energy lots of fun, heart opening and a challenge are the basis of the practice she loves to share. I am active in the yoga community as a Lululemon as Ambassador to the Oakville Lakeshore store, Atelier Lole and Manduka.  My dedication is to inspire and make a difference through the practice of yoga in Oakville. There are so many Benefits of Yoga. It is a journey of teaching and learning that is ongoing.

Along with yoga denise has designed and teaches workshops on eating clean and green for balanced health. Through my website and studios I have created worksops, articles and videos about sustainable gardening, sprouting and eating raw food.

I am also available for large group yoga classes, special events, yoga retreats, team building, motivation and corporate wellness programs.  To enquire about hiring denise please go here => Contact me now !

I absolutely love yoga and the energy of being active. I have a natural love for the outdoors, an avid hiker, camping, fishing, waterskiing and boating.

I learned to scuba dive in the Cayman Islands and have been a dive master since 1992. I was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario but spend as much time as I can in the Grand Cayman Islands ( My Second Home). While there I spend my time enjoy time with family and friends taking advantage of the beautiful diving, snorkeling, beaches and ocean activities. My educational background is in forensic anthropology from the University of New Brunswick with a focus on pre-history and evolution of man in North America.

I  believe  that everyone should honor their bodies, and there is great value and personal gain in being aware of the connection between the mind and body. Come to one of my Oakville Yoga classes and you will begin to learn that by enhancing your physical alignment, you enhance your alignment in life.   How you react on your mat is how your react to challenges in everyday life.

With Yoga, you gain energy, happiness, inner peace and a sense of accomplishment. Yoga boosts the immune system as well. My teaching is more physical based,  combining a balance of physical strength and flexibility with the dicipline of breath and concentration.  All weaved and sequenced together in a playful style to bring out the joy  and challenge when your on your mat! Yoga has many health benefits including the ability to reduce stress.

Come join a class and have fun, grow, be challenged, be present and be strong!

Descriptions of the styles of Yoga I teach!

Hatha yoga,  is a general term. This practice includes basic introductory yoga poses, that move at a gentle and slow pace. My Hatha yoga class in oakville focuses on aligniment, lenghthening and strength building.  A great place for beginners and for those who like to work on the foundation of each posture. This is a very popular class.
Vinyasa yoga, is a physically challenging style of yoga.  It links postures with breath, the focus is on sun salutations and connecting each posture in a “flow” of breath and movement.  Generally it is faster paced, building strong lean muscle and great for losing weight.  This class can be done at your own pace, from intermediate to advanced.  This is the most popular class for muscle tone, weight loss.

Hot  yoga,  is practiced in an room that is set at a temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heat promotes intense sweating that will aid in detoxification of the body. Hot yoga also allows tight muscles to  loosen increasing flexibility and range of motion. Come out and try a hot class!  You will leave feeling invigorated, cleansed and with increased mental alertness. I teach hot yoga in oakville with both  the Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style classes suitable for all levels. Make sure to contact me or one of the oakville yoga studios I teach in to discuss which class is just right for you. I hope to meet and see you soon.

Yoga Props
Everyone can  benefit from using yoga props—especially if you are new to the practice of yoga. Here’s an introduction to common props and how they are used:

  • Yoga mats provide a cushioned, non-slip surface for yoga practices and work best when used on a smooth floor. The surface can be easily cleaned, and they roll up for easy carrying. For beginners, most studios rent mats, once you know you like yoga and plan on making yoga a regular part of your life then you should consider purchasing the best mat you can afford. It will offer more cushioning and more resistance to slipping for a better grip.  You can also find eco-friendly yoga mats (made from recycled materials, biodegradable materials, and/or natural and sustainable plant fibers such as hemp and jute).  Personally, my favorite mats are Manduka and Jade, alot of my students say the same.
  • Yoga blocks will allow you to maintain safer form to prevent injury and modify postures even if your strength and flexibility levels don’t.  When you modify with blocks you allow your body to go deeper in to the posture.   Blocks are rectangular-shaped, allowing you to use them at three different heights for different postures.  Take for an example,  a forward bend. If you can’t touch the floor, you can place the block accordingly so that you can remain in proper form, resting your fingertips on the block itself.  Different heights and stacking blocks allow you to slowly progress in your poses until you don’t need  blocks at all.
  • Yoga straps are great for everyone who is limited in flexibility . By using a strap, you can  stay in a pose longer and with proper alignment.  It can be used for seated stretches (around the feet in a forward bend) and one-legged standing poses (placing the strap around  your foot to aid in lifting or reaching your limb).

Most importantly remember that yoga is non-competitive – either with others and yourself – and it is open to everybody. Some classes may challenge you physically and emotionally, so remember that it truly is your practice and listen to what your body is telling you. Never do anything that causes pain. You should never get injured from doing yoga mindfully and with respect to your own limits.

Have fun, be willing to laugh at yourself and breathe.

Denise Pala can be reached at two Oakville yoga studios and on her website here   Oakville Yoga

Would you like your own website ? Contact the company who built my website and propelled my yoga career => Oakville Website Designer


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